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Everyone travels for varied purposes and reasons; for personal/ others; for love/ lust; for pleasure/ work; for self-discovery/ escape; for life/ gains; for future/hiding; for knowledge/ flaunt. There is this duality idea that we are discussing here.  In one’s suitcase, besides necessities, there exists some additional emotional baggage that might be packed along. Chaotic and mixed feelings gathered from the randomness inside their luggage and from the unfinished packing, essentially reveal one’s state of mind.

*6 artists marked the start of a road trip from Singapore. Each has one suitcase (an empty, half filled, filled, packed suitcase or what have you) – with art to reveal the cause to journey, to record one’s involvement, memories of events, fragmented recollections of moment and hopes. It tells stories of transit, of travelogues, photo albums, coffee, food, sights and sounds, intimate stories, people, their stories, dust, smell of surroundings, faces, conversations, dreams, flavors….

1 x suitcase is travelling exhibition curated by Agnes Lim, Ernest Chan and Iman Ismail. The main concern of the exhibition is mobility, the emphasis is on how artists and their art pieces can be packed and travel at minimum cost incurred and hassle free from logistic/administration trauma.

The exhibition will include 3 to 5 native artists who are invited to participate in this project. The scale of the exhibition will expand through the journeys to various countries, all created based on the artistic direction of suitcase reveals a whole new collection of thoughts, experiences and observation as they travel along. It is also a reflection of the personal encounters and the imaginary preconceived idea of different locations and landscapes.

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