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Artist_Tan Seow Wei

Artist Statement

Every travel opportunity is cherished and lovingly documented. Not just the good, but also the bad and the ugly. Looking back at these travelogue always jolt my memory and bring me back to the place, space and moment in time. This suitcase project is a documentation of my most recent travel business trip to China and also a platform to express my innermost thoughts and feelings.

Artist Statement

Captivated by the German’s architectures and through observation on how the new and old were incorporated. Within the city, one sees different facade of architecture from the century old grandeur Prussian building, the cold gigantic Communist, and the imposing contemporary architectures. All of them assemble to reveal its revolving history.

Artist Statement

This bag of works are conceived/created during/after my travels, revealing my engagement with the idea of private thoughts in the free realm of the subconscious. I explore how one approaches art making with less consciousness and through imaginative play free one’s mind and the ambiguous relationship between reality and fantasy and between fact and fiction.

Artist_Agnes Lim

Artist Statement

Mapping the first trip to the airport as a young child (1985) and venturing into travels at different phases in life for varied reasons and purposes. Tracking through the streets with anticipation passing through crossroads of hope and some of loss…Using snapshots of sights gathered in foreign lands, I reworked these scapes and it is only with closer inspection, more is then revealed.

Artist_Stephanie Cheng

Artist Statement

As soon as I leave home to travel, I embark on a journey in search of a perfect home. A holiday, away from the fast paced and stressful life, always seemed like the perfect life. Perhaps the happiness and relaxed life that a holiday entails would end as soon as I make it my home, my life.  However, other times, I feel the need to take my home around with me wherever I go, or rather carry something around to remind me of the home I’ve left behind. Sometimes I would always dream of escaping from reality, living a new life, searching for my perfect home, other times I need to take along the home I’ve left behind.

Artist_Iman Ismail

Artist Statement

An assortment of random feelings is common when one is placed in an unaccustomed environment. The solution to discover what the surroundings offer is to amble further to unveil or impress the person’s curiosity. These series of works of mixed media on paper will portray the discoveries I face. The drawings depict transition between studying the location and the emotions that the site draws.


Artist_Morikot Ketklao

Artist Statement

This pieces is based a longing feeling of my son whenever I travel. I imaged an ideal situation where I could bring him in my suitcase. Even through the suitcase is a relatively small space, in Yaku’s journey, this tiny container becomes imaginative playground.

Artist_Supachai Satsara

Artist Statement

Please, light of angels, take this little craftsman on a journey across the sphere of life, with his small set of tools, to change the fate of the world, to make it safe from coming disasters.

Pliers, to fasten the fragile line that divides humans in their misunderstandings so that love and freedom may finally come for all of humanity.

Screwdrivers, to unscrew the misunderstandings amongst people, to unscrew their doubts, their ideas, so that love and peace may come for all of humanity.

Two-headed wrench, although they are opposites, they fulfill similar tasks: to bring people closer together and to unscrew their depressions.

Ruler, to measure honesty, to measure justice, to measure equality, to measure the level of humanity in people’s minds.

Plugs, they give us light, divine light that opens up the darkness in the evening and makes life on this planet beautiful.

All of you, will you travel together with this little craftsman? It’s up to you. Will you go with him beyond all the badness that we ourselves have caused?

Artist_Tawatchai Puntusawasdi

Artist Statement

Dots and lines can redefined objects into various forms.

A suitcase contains of any flexible stuff be packed traveling to another land it could change its line and position.


Mohammad Yazid

Mohd Firdaus

Safudin Mamat

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